Extreme Art Design Loudspeakers System

A visionary project

Teti is a visionary project, crazy and ambitious, but strong, born to give a different sense to the usual speaker. More than three years of hard work have gone into drawing, testing and prototyping to achieve this result. Design has sought technical solutions that could give a new way to visualize and enjoy music. Quality of sound reproduction, cleanliness, detail, naturalness, depth, stage and ease of listening are the characteristics sought and put to use in this particular speaker. Solutions and technical choices have necessarily led to an extremely complex construction of the interior of the cabinet, the chambers of agreement. The complexity of this music instrument was designed and then finalized to give extreme ease of placement and listening, just pleasure for the eyes and ears.



Gaston Bussiere

The Nereides


Why Teti?
Thetis (Nereid) had the gift of metamorphosis. It screwed into a spiral and turned into fire, water or a lion.
The nymph Tethys was the most beautiful of the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doride. Poseidon, the god of the sea, and Zeus himself, fell madly in love with her, but the nymph had a terrible fate, and if she had a son, she would have become more famous than her father. Eventually he was married to Peleus and from this marriage Achilles, the great Greek hero, was born.

Teti (Extreme Loudspeakers). Their particular and fascinating shapes create sinuous lines, like bodies in the act of turning and observing each other.


Top Audio 2010

“. . . I liked both the way they sounded and the original approach very different from the classic cabinet with the transducers well on display on a reassuring structure for the classic committed audiophile. These speakers, which seem to be inspired by my initial idea of the Delta 4. 6 project, which called on the cover photo of “Presence” by Led Zeppelin, are one of the few examples of a proposal suitable for inclusion in a beautiful decor with a strong personality. I hope my Delta 4s can also be considered. Something very different from the reassuring tradition of rectangular panels sprinkled with speakers, in short. . . “.

Ing. Renato Giussani – 2010


System: 2 way – Reflex


Frequency Response: 40Hz – 40000Hz

Sensibility: 90dB 1w/mt

Impedance: 6 ohm

Max program power: 140 watt

Bass units: Scan-Speak 18W/8531

High units: Scan-Speak R2904/700000

Crossover: Mundorf/ClarityCup/Jantzen wired

Dimension: H 1450mm x L 380mm x P 400mm

Weight: 37Kg each


Art & Sound