Ultimate Open Baffle System

An extreme interpretation

The Open baffle is part of the most remote history of High Fidelity. Almost easy to see but absolutely not trivial to make, especially for an dynamic driver. The project of this speaker began in 2006 when I find a strange driver, coaxial, very big one. It seemed that it could not be used in any system, it sounded good only free from constrictions, leaning only placed on a banal chair. The idea started from here. In this system the loudspeaker has been specially custom made with the necessary parameters, starting from the strange one. Long and extremely complicated process. It’s a very important diameter, 18″ (460mm)! Never before seen on a dipole speaker, at least not at home. The driver is a coaxial driver with a 2″ (50mm) titanium diaphragm. The panels are made of several layers of different woods for a total thickness of 100mm! Rigidity is a neccessary factor in this system where the forces at deep sound bass are truly remarkable.

Milan Hi-End 2008

The STREGA sounds with this system:
Preamp: Mark Levinson ML-28
Final bass sections: Mark Levinson 27. 5
End section medium/high: Hagerman “Cymbal” – Push Pull 6H30Pi – 8 watts mono
CD player-D/A converter: Accuphase DD55V
Digital input Apple Mac Pro & Apple HD Cinema Display 30″ digitally connected Toshlink to Accuphase D/A

Strega MKI 2007

System: Open Baffle

Frequency Response: 27Hz – 20000Hz

Sensibility: 97dB 1w/mt

Impedance: 16 ohm

Max program power: 450 watt

Driver: Maclementhorn Coaxial Driver MCHX1823Ti

Crossover: Electronic Xover Network

Dimension: H 1350mm x L 600mm x P 230mm

Weight:  115Kg each

Art & Sound