Studio Monitor

Another dimension

Impressive in size and sound. To build and develop this muscle monitor it was necessary to dismantle my big studio. Two 18″, one 15″ and a 2″ compression driver for each speaker. A live impact like never before. All with an impressive grace and refinement. Top components, the best on the professional market, TAD and Beyma (the latter replaced with TAD). Granite cabinet; the walls were made of a sandwich of different types of wood for a total thickness of 50mm. Almost 300Kg per monitor. . .

Under construction


Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20000Hz
Sensibility: 98dB@1w- 1m
Max program power: 1200 watt


Electronics Network Crossover

Groundsound DCN28 – Accuphase F25
Bass Units:
2 x Beyma 18LX60V2 (upgrade to TAD 1801)
Mid Bass Units:
1 x TAD 1601a
Mid Tweeter Iwata Horn:
1 x TAD 4001
L 1185mm x H 1600mm x P 800mm
Weight: 300 Kg each

Art & Sound