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M12a Sol

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I set myself three targets from the beginning of the project: to make a very high-end loudspeaker, to please even the old fans of the “stereo” and a cost that should be as human as possible. The project had to be an ambitious as possible. A mission not to easy if you want to achieve results of excellence. I took back old components, re-studied, listened in a different way, tried to understand their “why”. It took a while but in at end the result come. It’s called M12a, an acronym that encloses the 12 years of the Maclementhorn. A return to the past, from the beginning of my company. A classic look, Vintage Like, without frills, but with the elegance of all my works. But it was with the sound that we went far. Here the concentration has been pushed to the limits. I wanted a sound, a stage, to “see” who, how, and what was playing, with closed eyes, just listening, a deep immersion in the music.

I wanted a sound, and it was found



Create a product to bring together all those who think that true High Fidelity is exclusive to the few.

Back to the past

A classic style, reassuring to the eye, which gives a precise idea of what he wants to express; a pure sound.


FE103 sol and FE83 sol. Two historical but at the same time new. Beautiful for voice and naturalness. Here in the 50th anniversary version


Simple does not mean trivial. It was a long-desired project, thought out, studied, listened to, and finally shaped.

An idea

and then a project

Special components, the Fostex, mythical, those who have made the history of self-construction. Those to whom everyone before or after have made a thought, possessed, listened to, loved or hated. Here they have been used in the points of their best performances. The other really special component is the woofer, which was made specifically for this project. Damping, speed and incredible detail of the low section is the synthesis of the work that has been done on this component. The crossover is then another absolutely essential component in this project. It was the one that received the most attention during these two years. Small adjustments, little by little, until you get the result that is here today. A speaker with monitor features but with a pure High-End heart, with a naturalness, a response to transients and a stage of rare beauty.
The Fostex SOL series for 50th anniversary its a Limited Edition


System: 3 vie – Acoustic sospension
Frequency response: 38Hz – 20000Hz
Sensibility: 90dB 1w/mt
Impedance: 8 ohm
Max program power: 125 watt
Bass units: 12″ Custom Maclementhorn MCDW1217
High units: Fostex FE83sol – 50th Anniversary
Mid units: Fostex FE103sol – 50th Anniversary
Crossover: 12dB wired by Mundorf/ClarityCup/Jantzen
Cabinet: Natural Tanganika veneered solid wood
Dimension: H 420mm x L 400mm x P 370mm

Weight: 25Kg. each

Dedicated stand: Powder coated metal
Upper / lower metal plates in 10mm thickness
Threaded seats for tips or feet
Dimension: H 420mm x L 400mm x P 370mm
Weight: 34,5Kg. each


The study of the project and its realization was done completely in Italy. Every detail, both of the piece of furniture and of the various plates, have been created inside our laboratory, assisted in some parts by precise CNC machines but it will always be the imprecision of the hand that will ultimately make everything more fascinating.

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