Dioniso 360

An impressive audio system

never seen before

“In the centre of the Pantheon, I want a loudspeaker made by Mauro to spread the best of Classical music!” … Francesco Illy
The idea really seemed crazy. In the meetings and in the various tests in the cellar we are convinced that madness should have been done. So beautiful the feeling, too intense the harmony given by the music to not do this. From the first meetings on field, October 2015, we arrived in early January 2016 with many ideas but no much practicable, given the importance of the site. The Golden Cellar is a Pantheon, a crazy place, unique in its kind. Designed by Francesco and his son Ernesto. This too is a crazy vision but it has been conceived, studied and built, and its beautiful, perfect. This forced us that any work to be placed inside it had to live in harmony with it. No hanging speakers, no visible or bare cables. Nothing could be out of tune in any way. A push to set the brain at work was the news of the inauguration of the cellar, February. A month to think, realize and implement.
As always, ideas come under pressure.
Mauro, Erica e Deborah Clementi – 2016

The idea

The idea of using the same materials you can find in the cellar. Stainless Steel and oak barrels. And if nothing can be let down from the pantheon, We will make it rise from the bottom. A tall column until the speaker emission point finds the start of the pantheon vault and a column that encloses the system management console. Not one wire had to be visible.


103 modules of solid oak aged 35mm thick each. Stainless steel structure 5mm thick bases. Stainless steel rods and fasteners. Total weight of over 300Kg.


23″ touchscreen monitor. Apple Computer with special software for fully automated management for switching on/off and choice of playlists at set times.


4 loudspeakers, one for each cardinal point with 2 3″ drivers each. 2 digital stereo amplifiers with DSP. DAC 24/96. All files are in HDTrack, high resolution


As in a cathedral, sound spreads without perceiving its source, persuasive and detailed, readable in every nuance. A harmony of sounds that fills the spaces.

The project

Made entirely in 3D CAD, each part has been studied in every detail and then passed to the CNC workbench. The structure is composed of different parts, each with a specific purpose. The column head for the 4 speakers, the lower section for the housing of the DSP power amplifiers. Each section was then virtually assembled to check assembly accuracy.

Dioniso 360

under construction

In Golden Cellar

Podere Le Ripi

Castelnuovo Dell’Abate – Montalcino (Siena)

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