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Two years of intensive work to realize the idea i had in mind for a long time. The result is M12a, an acronym that encloses the 12 years of the Maclementhorn. A return to the past, from the beginning of my Company. A classic look, Vintage Like, without frills, but with the elegance of all my works. But it was with the sound that we went far. Here the concentration has been pushed to the limits.

I wanted a sound, and it was found

Living with the Music

Create for the Music

Ideas, conviction, intuition, creativity, ambition and, last but not least, the indisputable strength of a true passion. This is what I do, objects in which I have to find satisfaction, and sound as I like, and only after being proposed to other fans. There is no other rule. And I do it because I love music, and also listened well. And with pride, completely created in Italy, in an extraordinary location where art is the mast.

Cividale del Friuli

Golden Cellar

One day Marco Geronimi and his son came into the Pantheon and they started singing a Baroque chant: their voice gave us goosebumps because it was reinforced by the echo in the Pantheon

For this reason I decided to call my friend Mauro Clementi,a specialist in sound systems. He creates loudspeakers of a fine quality: we have a new project together!

In the centre of the Pantheon, I want a loudspeaker made by Mauro to spread the best of Classical music. As the experiment made by Masaru Emoto demonstrates, water is sensible to music. Therefore the wine, since it is made mostly by water, will become even more harmonious.

Francesco Illy

Podere Le Ripi

Montalcino (Siena – Italia)

Art & Sound